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Visiting Stadin AO

Visits for students and teachers

We would love to welcome all students and teachers to visit Stadin AO, Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute. Here’s how you can learn more about us:

  • Open events for prospective students
  • Exchange students: please contact Stadin AO International Affairs Team by email at
  • Parents’ evenings

Visits for partners and other visitors

We would love to collaborate with other colleges and industry partners. If you would like to visit us, please book your appoitment well in advance. You can get in touch with the Stadin AO International Affairs Team by email at

Learn more about the campuses, units and study emphases by campus below.

Stadin AO Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications by campus

Campus 1 at Stadin AO, Teollisuuskatu Unit

Campus 1 provides VET in Social and Health Care, Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology, Safety and Security. At Campus 1 is also available apprenticeship office and Helsinki Skills Center for Immigrants.

Stadin AO’s Teollisuuskatu Campus offers wide range of social and health care education, including several further qualifications and specialist qualifications. At Teollisuuskatu there is also Apprentice Office and Helsinki Skills Center for immigrants.

Visiting address: Teollisuuskatu Unit, Teollisuukatu 23, 00510 Helsinki

  • Unit is strongly specialised in adult education
  • Close co-operation with working life
  • Study and working life guidance and employment services for immigrants

Campus 2 at Stadin AO, Meritalo Unit

Campus 2 provides VET in Hairdressing and Beauty Care, Textiles and Fashion Industry, Vehicle technology, Transportation Services, Logistics, preparatory vocational education (VALMA) and multi-professional support and guidance for immigrants (Helsinki Skills Center).

Visiting address: Meritalo Unit, Haapaniemenkatu 7-9, 00530 Helsinki

  • Encouraging and supportive training environment for Hairdressing, Beauty and Spa Therapy, Beauty Retail and Textile and Fashion Industry
  • Strong emphasis on entrepreneurship and skills competition
  • First-class training facilities and industry placement
  • Beauty and Spa Training Salons
  • Textile and Fashion Shop
  • Providing CIDESCO training programme and Diploma Qualification in Beauty and Spa Therapies

Campus 3 at Stadin AO, Muotoilijankatu Unit

Campus 3 provides VET in Media (audio-visual communication and visual expression, print), Food Production, Restaurant and Catering Services, Natural and Environmental Protection, Tourism Industry, Process Industry, Laboratory Technology, Youth workshops, and preparatory training for vocational education (VALMA).

Visiting address: Muotoilijankatu unit, Muotoilijankatu 3, 00560 Helsinki

Stadin AO Muotoilijankatu Unit offers Vocational upper secondary Qualification and Further Vocational Qualification in (creative) Media, audio-visual communication.

  • strong emphasis on technical skills and use of up-to-date equipment
  • students are encouraged to use creative problem-solving, communication, and effective team working skills in achieving their overall learning goals
  • close partnership with industry, working-life and allied sectors
  • continuous individualised learning pathways monitored by the teachers and supported by the welfare team.

Campus 4, Vilppulantie Unit

Campus 4 provides VET in Social and Health Care, Dental Technology, Pharmacy Industry, Beauty Therapy, Surface Treatment Technology, Property Maintenance Service, Construction Work and Metalwork & Machinery

Visiting address: Vilppulantie unit, Vilppulantie 14, 00700 Helsinki

  • Unit has long tradition with Social and Health Care Education (practical nurse, dental technician and pharmacy technician)
  • On-campus daycare centre that offers students work-placed learning and training opportunities (in co-operation with the City of Helsinki Education Division)
  • On-campus beauty salon and business simulated reception that offers students work-placed learning and training opportunities
  • Metalwork & Machinery department with modern equipment and machinery for training and strong co-operation with work life and companies

Campus 5, Sturenkatu Unit & Hattulantie Unit

Campus 5 VET’s are
At Sturenkatu Unit: Surveying, Wood Processing, Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology, Building Maintenance Technology, Technical Design, Information and Telecommunications Technology, Upholstery and Interior Decoration

At Hattulantie Unit: Social and Health Care, Equipment Maintenance, Massage Therapy and in Stage and Theatre Technology

Sturenkatu Unit’s technical qualifications have specialised premises for simulations of practical learning and at Hattulantie there is business-related reception for clients in Massage Therapy training part of each term.

At Campus 5 is also available basic education for adults, preparatory training for basic education, additional training for preparatory training and VALMA-studies i.e. preparatory training for immigrants
Both units are located within short walking distance from each other.