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Vocational Qualification in Tourism Industry (Matkailualan perustutkinto)

Spring 2023 student selection process is completed.

The admission is closed until further notice.

Study programs

Tourism activities organizer

Do you want to work in the exciting and diverse tourism industry? This qualification will provide you with well-developed tourism service and operational skills working in tasks involving producing tourism activities and customer service related to the implementation of tourism services. You will learn to provide exceptional customer service as well as designing, marketing and selling tourism activities.

This qualification gives you the opportunity to work in the varied tourism industry sectors and for diverse employers including companies and organizations of tourism resorts and regions, tourism service providers, adventure and agritourism companies, at attractions, cultural and heritage sites and any small tourism businesses required multi-skilled employees.

Tourism Activities Organizer is customer service expert in providing tourism services. What we expect from our students is good communication and teamwork skills, ability and desire to work in customer service and readiness to study in English.

Hotel Receptionist

Do you want to work in the exciting and diverse hotel industry?

Hotel receptionist qualification will provide you with exceptional customer service skills and industry knowledge working efficiently and effectively at a Hotel’s front office. This qualification will also provide you knowledge of regional tourism services, marketing and sales skills and operational skills to work in variety of tasks in different hotel departments when needed.

It is essential for receptionist to be well organized, work well under pressure, and to maintain a friendly, welcoming and a pleasant attitude throughout the work shift. Skilled receptionist has excellent teamwork and communications skills, language skills, can show initiative, and is dependable. As hotels operate 24 hours, a day shift work is also required.

Employment opportunities include hotels, meeting, event and conference hotels, spa hotels, destination resorts and hostels.