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Internationalisation at home

To be able to build a sustainable future all learners need skills to work with people from various backgrounds and international working lives. In Stadin AO, Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute Internationalisation at home helps students and teachers to develop global competencies and adapt to changes in society and diversity in working life.

Currently the International Affairs Specialist Team is:

  • developing virtual cooperation projects together with the teachers and students from various european partner colleges online.
  • organising K-pop Korean language courses for students as part of our Finnish Korean Education network online. February-May 2021
  • organising Moninaiset tarinat – podcast workshop for students telling stories from various background. This will bring the voice of young new Finns into the public domain and to the development of the organisation. The workshop includes storytelling, voice acting, digital training (podcast). April 2021
  • organising I See You See (Minun Silmin, Sinun Silmin) -program workshops that aim at the prevention of hate speech, extremist thinking and group-based prejudice, tailored to the needs of Helsinki and Finland. Stadin AO has workshops for both the students and also for staff members who wish to become tutors for these workshops.